Altoids® Smalls®

Core Mission:

  • Drive product trial among target audience - business travelers.
  • Increase product association with travel and portability


Altoids Smalls engaged United Media to increase awareness of their brand and product attributes. United Media used its understanding of the Travel Landscape to craft an integrated campaign that reached the target audience.
  • Total impressions exceeded 21 million
  • Advertising awareness doubled
  • Purchase intent increased by more than 10 percentage points
Altoids Smalls


  • "My Itineraries"
  • Target tech savvy travelers
  • 4.1m Impressions

At Airport

At Airport
  • Gate Information Displays
  • Catch frequent flyers monitoring their upgrade status
  • 4.5m Impressions

On Board

  • In-flight video
  • Cements engagement prior to sampling
  • 8.3m Impressions

On Board

  • Sampling
  • Full-size product demonstrates portability
  • 400k Impressions
  • Pre-Travel
  • At Airport
  • In Club
  • Onboard
  • Post-Travel
  • Start communicating with consumers before their flight through United's online channels.
  • Continue messaging as customers arrive at the airport in the check-in lobby and at the gate holdrooms.
  • Engage with a premium audience in the relaxed United Club environment.
  • Captivate customers while they are boarding and during their flight.
  • Keep messaging after the flight as customers reach baggage claim to retrieve their checked luggage.